SSRS simple drill-down tablix group:

SSRS provides grouping options and one of them is drill-down,

You can easily add a drill- down option on a report from Report Wizard. But once report wizard closed, you cannot return on it, you have to create a drill-down manually.

Here are some Steps for creating drill-down on a report manually:

Step 1:

Create a report; add your query and your tablix:

Step 2:

Add your group:

image002 (1)



Step 3:

Add Drill-Down Option to the group:

Select the group you want to hide (Here: Details -> Product ID and Desc)

On group properties, select visibility

Select Hide, Display can be toggled by this report item, and select the Textbox group Name (Here LanguageID)

And preview!




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2 Responses to SSRS simple drill-down tablix group:

  1. Rajesh says:

    how to hide the columns (Product Id,Desc) intially. Only on click + image it should display.Please let me know how to achieve this

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