SSRS Deploying Reports Using Rs Utility

Another solution for deploying a report is to use the RS Utility. To do this, we need to understand how rs.exe works:

“rse.exe” is a tool that executes a script file (Rss file) to deploy or manage objects on reports server.

Here more information about rs.exe

In order to deploy a report to a report server we need to go through three steps:

Create Folders (data source, report folders)
Create Data Sources
Deploy reports

Here is the script for creating folders

If folder exists, nothing happens. It indicates that the file already exists.
Here is the script for Data Sources

If the data sources exist, the script overwrites them.
Here is the script for Deploying reports

If the reports exist, it overwrites them.
For the next step, you must create a command (cmd or bat) file to execute your scripts:




And, at the end, you must create one file calling them all :


You can run your deployment with four parameters like this:

CALL D:ReportsRsDeployReportsDeploy.cmd D: ReportsTools http://MysqlServer/ReportServer MysqlServer D:

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