SSRS Grouping at the right of tablix:

One of my issues was to develop a report with a grouping column at the right like that:

a group on ProductCategory and ProductSubcategory

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SSRS: How to pass a sql query parameter from the main report to a subreport:

As you know, Sql Server can link reports easily with parameters.

One of my processes required sending a multiple values parameter that consisted of a concatenation of all IDs of the main report’s query, to a subreport.

To construct a multiple values parameter, follow these steps:

Create a hidden parameter on the main report:

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SSRS tablix Merging cells vertically:

One of my requests was to describe SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) merging Cells.

As you may know, SQL server provides a simple way to merge cells vertically:

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SSRS Exporting to a PDF File with Fonts embedded

My issue was to print out a Microsoft report (SSRS) into a PDF file with barcodes.

After the development of the report that included the barcode font (free 3 of 9) and its deployment to the development server, the browser didn’t print any barcode upon the first test.

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Get structure of temporary table

I was struggling to get the structure of a temporary table.

The idea was to pull out the temporary database information “tempdb.sys.columns” , then format them in order to display the outcome in a form of a SQL query.

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SSRS Dataset move up and down

There is no way to Move up and down datasets on the reports designer

(Even though there are up and down arrows that seem to allow such move)

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